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(Who Are You?)

Keith Andrew is an American inspiration and Upcoming Celebrity.

Being Diagnosed with a Learning Disability.

And being told he was never going to amount to anything in life and had everything thrown at him.

I also made up my mind to show people different points of view.

In 2004, Create his own High School Talk Show in title Keith Andrew Show, which led him to compete on a larger scale as Social Media Celebrity in the independent market.

Keith was born on Island and raised in Orange Country and is of Jewish and Russian descent. I was born on January 24, 1988, on a dark winter stormy night at 1:36 am.

My body of work includes Interviewing people from All walks of life.

People who have Learning disabilities, and who are disabled plus other Inspirational people of course. He is also having the chance to interview a handful of up-and-coming Actors Actresses Models CEOs and pretty much anyone who wants to have a normal conversation and support his goals and dreams.

Throughout his career, I held the following titles:

They are one of the best Sales People. And Former Team Leader

In 2013, Keith Andrew founded a digital media company that shows people that just because you are labeled something does not dictate who you are and what you are going to become in life.

The whole point of my Talk Show is to show people that even with having Learning Disability I can still amount something.

And at the same time, I’m able to turn myself into an Example for people out there who are dealing with any type of Disability and Learning Disability Never to Give Up, and to Prove People Wrong.

And show them labels do not dictate who you are and going to be so #breakthelabels

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